Deborah Eddy Artist Statement


My chosen genre is sculpture as this provides me with an opportunity to focus on feminist issues, particularly, the visibility/invisibility of aging women in society. Whilst feminism may seem anachronistic, a subject well covered and resolved, I find to my dismay that a great many problems still exist for women today. I am concerned that older women are not accounted for in todays feminism and yet our issues intersect with other feminist concerns such as sexism, discrimination and inequality.

My materials are eclectic and are driven by the concept of the sculpture. I employ a hi vis palette, building materials and safety products as metaphors for a patriarchal society. My construction methods utilise the feminine arts of knitting, sewing and weaving. I am particularly drawn to making costumes and performing in these for video productions.

In 2016 I attained my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Queensland College of Art, majoring in Sculpture with a Painting minor. In 2017 I completed BFA Honours year and was awarded 1st class Honours and the University Medal for Academic Excellence. I am currently undertaking a Doctorate of Visual Art at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.


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