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Domestica solo exhibition commences 16 July 2019


POP Gallery
16 – 27 July 2019
Opening Event: Friday, 19 July,
6pm – 8pm
POP Gallery, Griffith University,
381 Brunswick Street,
Fortitude Valley, 4006.
Exhibition open
Tuesday – Saturday,
10am to 4pm.
Image: Deborah Eddy. Copyright of the artist.

The works in this exhibition are acts of ‘Meaningful Mischief’, humorous
craftivisms which comment on women’s unrelenting, thankless and
invisible labour. Statistically women perform the greater amount of
home duties and Deborah Eddy is railing against it. The artist is drawing
on her own lived and inherited domestic experience by making playful
sculptural objects. Her performance work acknowledges that there is a
high likelihood of winding up in an aged care facility after all the domestic
drudgery is left behind. But there is still mischief to be made.
There are three parts to the exhibition; Non-functional kitchenalia,
Non-functional quilts and a video in which Eddy performs. The sculptural
objects are made from building materials, safety equipment, men’s work
clothes and feminine fabrics such as tablecloths. A hi-vis palette draws
attention to the subject matter while the materiality is clearly not what
these objects would normally be made from. The video work, Staying
Alive, speaks of the spark of life that is still within even at this late stage
in life.

Deborah Eddy

Trifecta of Feminist Art Exhibitions

I am very proud and happy to be included in three feminist exhibitions which will show over the next couple of weeks and coincide with International Women’s Day.

I have my Non functional Feminist Quilt showing in Sydney for the Herland exhibition at The Women’s Library in Sydney.

I have two works in the Women’s Work exhibition at RQAS.

And finally I have just been included in the Warrior Women exhibition which will show at Imprint Printmaker’s Studio and Gallery.

The Weaver’s Room, Pine Rivers Art Gallery November 2018

I am very pleased and honored to be included in the Pine Rivers Art Gallery summer exhibition – The Weaver’s Room. The works I have exhibited are part of my Non-functional kitchenalia works. The pieces are made from men’s work clothes, safety wear, upholstery fabric and builder’s string.

Deborah Eddy with her work at The Weaver’s Room Pine Rivers Art Gallery


Shop ’til the planet drops 2018

MAH00094 (3)

Title: Shop ‘til the planet drops 2018

When I decided to use plastic shopping bags in my artwork in 2017 I began collecting them. Even, to my shame now, ensuring that each time I shopped I chose to use plastic bags.

Before making Shop ‘til the planet drops, I researched the ubiquitous grey shopping bags.  According to Clean Up Australia: “It is estimated that around 50 million bags enter the Australian litter stream every year.” The impact of the bags on our environment is multifarious. Firstly, they take a considerable time to break down, from 20 to 1,000 years. Secondly, being lightweight they float both in the air and in water. If they wind up in our waterways, marine creatures mistake them for food and this is catastrophic for them.  There are many other reasons why we must stop using these bags. Having learnt these facts I stopped immediately and I hope that this artwork will impact on others use of plastic bags.

This artworks speaks of the part women have to play in looking after our environment. Statistically 62% of grocery shoppers are women. If we stop using these bags when we shop, that will send a powerful message that the environment is more important that convenience.


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